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Didn't have time to update last week and also I really didn't want to... because nothing changed. The ones that were already there seem to have snuggled down to hibernate for the winter and are not budging at all... and I have began to break out on my once "clear" right side. It sucks because prior to this if I saw someone coming towards me I would turn my face so I only my clear side could be seen and now I have absolutely no where to hide :( . Which is not something that comforts me a great deal.

I just hate waking up in the morning and seeing these things all over your face which nobody else seems to have... I always end up picking and squeezing until my face is bleeding and pussy everywhere... and I feel like screaming and asking God what I did to deserve this... the worse punishment imaginable because the face is the only thing that you cannot hide...

There is only one week left until I have to go back to uni and I swear I will walk around looking like this ---> :) if I have too...


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