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No improvement plenty of new ones to take the place of the old ones and pretty much in the same place as well... I am currently using Neutrogena gentle face wash and moisturizer twice a day... I have also encountered the problem of being unable to swallow my 40mg a day... so I have been putting the tablet in my mouth and biting and sucking until all the orange liquid is out... because that just in case you were wondering is the treasure you will find inside the mystical miracle tablet. Liquid sunshine I call it... only because It helps me swallow the vile stuff!

So besides the fact that I am terrified that it won't work as well because I am not swallowing the whole tablet... and the fact that I am still encountering the nasty IB which my derm said would only last two weeks but has in fact lasted 4 and looks like it will go on for while... everything is okay. I guess.... besides still not being able to look anyone in the eye.


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