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So I decided after much consideration (which to be honest is not much) I decided to stop myself from being overly pessimistic I would turn these entries into weekly ones so perhaps I could see a smidgen more of an improvement.

So this week was just as horrible as my last I am still breaking out continuously on the left hand side of my face. Its almost as if the pimples are playing this game where they stack on top of each other to see who will end up on top. It is disgusting and unable to be covered no matter how hard I try... so I simply stopped trying. I actually dread mirrors now which kinda sucks because I have a built in and the doors are mirrors... if only I was a sucky Vampire and then I wouldn't have a reflection to look at :)...

I still have the ones around my jawline and they are taking forever to fade... completely stubborn one right in the middle of my forehead...all over my temple on my left hand side... my right hand side is relatively clear just a few whiteheads which still annoy the crap out of me because I am longing for clear skin. I also have huge mounds on the sides of my mouths which are not quite pimples but not quite scars either... I stear clear away from sunlight which makes the volcanoes more noticeable thats for sure...Sighhhh !

My lips are already killing me... and so are the bright red marks that I assume are going to stick around for a while...

I am really thankful that I am on a six week break from uni... I have four weeks left to see improvement before I have to show my face everyday... the good and the bad...


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