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DAY 12



WAHHHHH!!! I seriously can't take this anymore... the scars are fading really really slow and before they do there is a brand new one to take its place...

My mum tried to get me out of the house this morning and after smothering on tinted moisteriser and foundation I thought I was ready to go... cept you could still see them all because they are so red! anyways i get in the car and I have this mini panic attack in my head about people looking at me in the shops because of my terrible skin >< and I made my mum drop me at home... I can't do it... I'm not ready yet.

Okay so my skin is slightly improving all the ones on my cheeks are healing but they are still very red, I have been breaking out on my jaw line which has never happened before and is very very painful, and a few around my hairline and one smack dab in the middle of my forehead... I will be so glad when this initial breakout is over so I can leave my room... and start looking people in the eyes.


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