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Okay so I believe it is day 9 on my accutane journey... and it is terrible!!! Lately I can't even face my own family the initial breakout is that bad... and it is still happening... the old ones don't get a chance to heal before the next lot come along... I know that some people say that they would rather get it all over and done with now and have none... but I think after alot of consideration... I would rather have one every two weeks for the rest of my life... that go through this...

Okay so lets have the stats:

FACE: well I have 9 on my left cheek, one in between my eyes still but I am pretty sure that it is in the process of healing as I had it before I started the course, There is only one active one on my forehead, and two on my temples, on my right cheek there are two just coming up, and my chin is going okay well its not completely clear but the only things that have been coming up are white heads, and I have one above my lip on the left hand side.

BODY: All the ones on my back have healed... but I have one really painful one that has only just come up.

SKIN: very oily still.. like being able to be scraped off oily is kind of disgusting.

LIPS: dry as anything

MOOD: at this stage very pessimistic... cant look anyone in the eye at the moment.. and dont want to see anyone...

Hopefully the end of week two brings better days.


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