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Ominous Day 5



Okay it is now day 5 into my roaccutane treatment and so far I havent seen any improvement... I am so tempted to use a treatment on the spots that are already there as they are painful and do not seem to be fading... It is that time of the month and I only have two emerging spots that I have been able to notice so far which is better than usual..

I don't usually have breakouts on my back but these last fews days the breakouts have been painful and numerous. I have been bad.. and I have succumbed to the urge to pop a few pimples on my face but other than that things have been going okay.. I am also tempted to use something to treat the spots... but as you have probably already been warned you are not supposed to do this.

I don't have any symptoms as of yet... no dry lips.. no dry skin... and no dry hair.

N.B ARGHHHH so I know these entries are boring but I am just posting whatever my journal says since they were only meant for me to read... trust me they'll get juicier :) lol


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