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Thinking back to Day 1 Square 1



Okay so just to put all my guilt out there. I have to tell you guys that I have in fact been taking roaccutane or tane as most like to call it for 12 weeks last monday. Your probably wondering why I have failed to create a blog before now and that was because I was terrified. I didn't want to face the sad state my skin was in and has been in for the past couple of years and I didn't want to face other people. But alas (who on earth uses 'alas' :( ) after searching through millions of other peoples to see who had a similar experience as mine I decided that just like the rest of you I would be brave.

I am 17 years old and my first minor pimple came to light when I was mid-way through year six which was almost seven years ago now. At first it was just a few spots here and there and it was really on again off again until i turned 15 and thats when things started to get nasty. Large pinful cysts anywhere and everywhere they could come up. And believe me they took advantage everytime I touched my skin. I finally managed to control them under the pill and using proactiv until earlier this year when they came back full force. I spent a couple of weeks hiding from everyone and everything until I finally worked up the courage to see a doctor about it who immediately recommended me to the specialist. I had a months wait to see the specialist and it killed me. Just when I was sinking as low as you could into despair my appointment came and I couldn't wait to get started. I am currently at university which makes things alot worse as most people are over the adolescence stage and I feel ugly and insecure also all my friends are asian, and seem to be descended from people with grade A perfect skin which makes me feel even worse. But you guys will be my friends in battle... will you not?

I have been keeping a journal of my tane journey and i will post it up and then continue to keep the entries up to date. Any advice, criticism, or encouragement would be appreciated. Thanks :)


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