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Almost 2 weeks...



Time is going quickly on this stuff which is good :) Hopefully I will be clear in no time!

I have pretty dry lips and the creases of nose are a bit sore. Also had some small flaking today on chin so I need to cut back on the retin-A now and mix it with a bit of moisturiser. My face and hair is much less greasy than before and I'd say is moving towards average - it is still a little oily but if it was like this forever I'd be very happy.

Breakout is clearing up a bit on my neck and jawline - had a few small spots on cheeks but the Retin-A is getting rid of them quickly without leaving red marks yay! Forehead has a massive one which is v unusual for me but all in all it really isn't that bad. Hope this is the worst of it lol!

Other wierd stuff - seem to be getting more vivid dreams; a few aches like growing pains but really not too bad at all! No more nose bleeds so far.

Mood: Although work is really rubbish at the moment I seem to be in especially good moods haha! :(


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