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Day 21 - 3 weeks!



So 3 weeks on tane.. doesnt feel that long ago i just started really.

Things are going good! .. i have only like 3 active pimples at the moment.. its amazing what 3 weeks can do, from week 1 with about 12 actives to now week 3 with only about 3 actives. So right now, im happy.

This week ive noticed my face definately becomming dryer, its great its not oily anymore, but its started flaking a little in some places, going to need to start applying moisturizer soon. Im scared to though as things are going well at the moment i dont want it to change.

Other side effects - Dry lips, nothing chapstick cant take care of. Lower back pain - cant work out or exercise as intense or frequent. Thats pretty much my only complaint so far. Dry lips are nothing but im dieing to lift some weights! Have to wait it out..

I was expecting to be a mess right now with an IB. Im hoping im actually avoiding that. Although i know its possible its still yet to come. Could be kinda 'calm before the storm' thing going on right now. Who knows. Upped to 40mg in just under 2 weeks.


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