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ch-ch-changes.... Day 12 i think?



Today is my elusive visit from Auntie Rose day, which would explain quite a bit of my pain and suffering the past few days.

The appearance of my overall skin is delicious, with of course the beakouts on the jawline and hyperpigmentation. Those aside I am pleased with the results I am getting. Since my last entry, I have made some changes or tweaks in my regimen. Here they are:

AM: Jojoba Oil massage

Cleanse with Acne.Org

Apply a thin Jojoba layer

Appy Acne.org BP (I'm using a little more now)

Moisturize with Acne.org with 4 drops Jojoba Oil

(I am going to leave my pricey Bare Minerals behind, and start using Almay, and recently bought Eucerine SPF 30 ((on recommendations list)) and I'm going to start mixing that with Jojoba Oil on the days I'll be spending outside a lot)

I take 3 chewable Omega 3 supplements a day, I got them from GMC (60 for 19.99, got second one half off) and they are almost like an orange starburst, really yummy. I just popped my first 50 mg Zinc supplement, (Finest Natural) with some lunch (100 caplets for 4.95, buy one get one free at Walgreens) and I am expecting wonderous things!

PM routine is exactly the same as morning routine, aside from I use more Jojoba Oil in my moisturizer.

I have been seeing results, (i think) slowly but surely. My acne hasn't been lingering as long, and the pimples that never formed a head before are now starting to. Which unfortunately is a bad thing for me, because now all I can think about is popping the damn things.

My self esteem is starting to show face again, and I am making eye contact again, which is what I think I miss the most about my "acne free" former self. I apologize for my previous few posts, I am a cynic by blood, and sometimes I can't stop it! But I am loving this regimen, long story short, I just have temp mood swings sometimes. I am a mother of a two year old, be patient with me if you are reading! (are you reading?)


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