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Row row down your boat gently down the stream



So, what up?

Add one on the board. This is the second week on roaccuttane. Something seems to be working, at least i have the same side-effects as other people are reporting (dry, peeling skin).

This could be due to this years insane summer too. Although my dose is 10mg, whereas the drug leaflet says the start dose is one half of mg/kg (weight).

The accutane FAQ on this site is quite nice- i have been taking ROA with some oily food and eating more green stuff. Cola and potato chips are already a thing of the past for some time.

I dont particulary like this dermatologist. Maybe its the lack of impression of my financial well-being, that cools her off. Although i must say one thing, when a doctor really cares about you (me)- it feels nice, at least somebody does.


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