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Day 3- Jojoba Oil and Strict Diet?



You have always eaten what you wanted. You thought you wouldn't even might die because of eating. Until those little bastards conquered your face.

So yes, a strict diet. No dairy, no fat, no butter, no even cooking oil. You replaced milk with soya milk, which wasn't a very difficult decision to make. You have always loved soya milk. But no butter, no bacon, no cheese!!!? Tough....

And also you have started taking vitamins, even though it makes you feel sick like f***. Multivitamin, zinc, omega-3, and... garlic. Yes, the dude won't be around for 3 weeks so you finally have the chance to gulp down every single antibiotic thing you can find. You also have started running again.

Oh, yes, and jojoba oil. Your new ally. The little darling really helped with the itch, redness and flakiness. Maybe it's time to use a little bit more bp.

So yes, game on.


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