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DAY 19



Haven't written in a while.

I want to say that my skin's improved. But it hasn't really from the beginning of the week.

Maybe its 'cause I accidentally missed my daily dose of doxycycline on Tuesday. If it is, I've already been kicking myself for having done that. I was late for work and forgot to take the pill in the morning. Eck.

So my skin basically is the same as the last posting - a lot of acne forming under the skin (you can see the tiny bumps) but other than that my face isn't red or anything. There's no more acne on the surface at this point, and all the scabs are gone. Well, it is an improvement I guess... but I guess I was disappointed that I didn't get smooth skin - instead my skin still has many acne bumps forming under the surface. Honestly, in comparison to Solodyn (minocycline) that I took last year, Doryx (doxycycline) isn't purging my skin that quickly, though I admittedly have less side effects with Doryx. Solodyn dried out my skin to the point that it peeled, broke me out for two weeks straight, made my skin so super sensitive it hurt to touch - but my skin was clear by the third week. But the acne came back.

Doryx here... I haven't had any side effects from it. Although I do admit my skin's improved since I started taking it - I guess my expectations for my skin were to high. I was sort of expecting most of my acne to be gone by now but I still have at least 40 small or tiny acne bumps forming under the skin. What a bummer really.

Although my face looks even toned, so that's good. No need for any makeup right?

Oh plus the pigmentation marks are gone. Yup yup.


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