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Day 7



So it's Day 7! Nowt much has changed...skin/hair is still greasy yet maybe is a little drier in the creases around my nose. Lips don't seem particularly dry really! Back has been hurting a bit but I have a sore throat/start of a cold so may be to do with that...

Definitely had a bit of an extra breakout because of the oratane - have quite a few cysts on my neck that have come up but it's not the worst it's ever been :)

All in all, going well so far!

Mood: Normal! Glad it's Friday tomorrow as I am tired and want a lie in!! Not much planned but will try to go collect some photo's and maybe do some painting +yoga! Did a Davina workout yesterday which is the first time in about 6weeks!! My legs are v sore today - need to sort out the exercise though as I need to be as healthy as possible on this stuff!!!


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