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3 Years in the Making...



HelllllloooOOOO. I'm baaaAAAACK.

I put emphasis on back, because of all the acne that's been going crazy back there.


Look, I need to get this off my BACK...

It keeps coming BACK...

Guess who's back...back again...

Back with Andre' the Giant, Mr. Elephant Tusk...


Enough of the back jokes already! I've been registered here for a few years now

and if there's one thing I've learned about acne and myself it is that we are both

persistent as all hell. My acne is persistent in showing up, and I am persistent in

kicking its rear end with my three sidekicks: Benzoyl Peroxide, Cleanser and Moi-

sturizers. Who ya gunna call? Gh-acne-busters!

So before I tell you why I've decided to spend a good chunk of my time writing

these ridiculously funny and informative blog posts, let me give you a brief history

(ew, I hated History in school!) of my past with Acne.org and how I'm at where

I am today.

Back when I found this site, I was a confused, acne riddled, 16 year old who

happened to find this site through a desperate struggle of wanting (really quite

needing) to rid of the zits that plagued me. Initially I ordered a few products from

Dan (The Man Kern) as well as other "Miracle Creams"â„¢ from other retailers. I've

since ditched the "Miracle Creams"â„¢, but, I digress. Back then Dan didn't even have

Cleansers, nor that wonderful Jojoba Oil and it's fantastic cap. Hell, there was

even a time the only thing he offered was text. Eeeewwwwww, can you believe


As a matter of fact, I think I even have one of the old bottles laying around

here somewhere...let's see....here it is!

With my BP (the Acne.org acronym for Benzoyl Peroxide) in one hand, and

moisturizer in another, I went to work. After what seemed like months (in reality

only about a week and a half) I grew frustrated with my lack of results. Moreso

than that, how much my face STUNG after applying the stuff. I should've thought

about properly allowing my face to get adjusted by using smaller amounts instead

of throwing it on like spackle and hoping the pain went away. Skipping portions of

the regimen Dan stressed needed to be followed perfectly, or even skipping a few

days completely, I felt like crap. Still, I knew I had something that could quite

possibly solve my problems if I only developed it into a daily habit. I definitely knew

the quality of the products I found. Not to say that other store bought products

wouldn't work in substitute, however. The way I saw it at the time, was, if I'm

going to do this "Regimen" I might as well do it right. (While it sounded good it

theory, I didn't quite follow through in practice :)) However, a few months

after my initial experimentation, I decided I was going to take a snails pace

approach and try again. Being patient while still being thorough. I was utterly

shocked one day when, 2 weeks into the regimen, I looked in the mirror and

had the realization of how much better my face and other acne-affected parts of

my body were looking.

Here was my expression.

Fast forward to 2 years later, getting a job at a ski resort and subsequently leaving

after a close encounter with death (don't party too hard, kids!) I realized after my

return to my hometown that I wasn't even needing to do the regimen up there.

What?! Now, being a college student without any money to call my own, (except

perhaps for what I find between the cushions of my couch) sometimes it can be

hard to do ANYTHING consistently, let alone a regimen that requires you to spend

some of the precious, precious pocket change you happen to remember you stuck

in a sock to save up for next week's serving of CSU Tennessee's Famous Taco

Tuesdays. So shortly after my return home, I found myself stuck in front of the

mirror with little red bumps popping up everywhere. Yikes!

Since then, I just started up the regimen again a few days ago, and have decided

that I'm going follow the regimen 100%. Yeah, I said it. 100%. Not 80%, not even

85%. So I'd like to invite you all to experience this journey with me - all it's

pleasures and pains included. Here's my skin currently, as of writing:

My Face

My Back

My Left Arm

and Right Arm

Hopefully we can get the word spread around that I am indeed back, and

this time, with sexy pictures. I have been acne-free before, so you will be seeing

a before and after type of thing here instead of me promising, and failing to deliver.

As what can be seen on a good number of the galleries, others do so frequently.

I'm different, I swear! *sobs*.

Okay, now that the faux tears have stopped flowing over my acne covered face, I

look forward to providing updates to my progress and sharing all the pains and

pleasures that are included with making yourself a better you day after day.


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