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Month 3



Hello everyone: it's exactly 3 months & 2 days since I started Dan's regimen. Couldn't be happier. My skin's not perfect yet, but has completely gotten back to normal, which for me is big pores confined only to the nose and about 1.5" around the nose area on my cheeks. The rest of my face has miraculously gone back to invisible pores, smooth skin. I went to vacation in Oregon, and the humidity did not affect me. I do however continue to breakout around my period on my chin area, but a little extra BP + AHA usually takes care of zits overnight (really. amazing).

One thing to report: I stopped taking the spironolactone for 20 days because we are trying to have a baby, we didn't get pregnant so I started taking it again until my next ovulation period, and I broke out on my cheeks. Deep white clogs inside open pores. I squeezed all of it out and right now it's dry and healing, but that will cause hyperpigmentation that will set me back at least a month. Kiddies, if you can possibly resist, don't pick. I attribute this breakout to my skin clearing out the hormone effects of the changes in spironolactone intake because there were no other changes in regimen, diet or exercise during that period

Another thing: I didn't use makeup at all during my 1 week vacation, because I was outdoors all the time so I used Neutrogena's 70 SPF sunscreen, which really is too thick to use under makeup. It didn't make my skin any better, nor did it affect it negatively. In fact, I think the Almay with 0.5% BHA actually improves my skin because it keeps it matte. Totally controls excess oil production all day long. I don't even need powder. It can be over-drying, specially on my forehead and fine-line areas around my mough and eyes. But Dan's moisturizer and or jojoba oil usually takes care of that. So I'm back on Almay and still using it every weekday and when I go out on weekends.

Wish me luck on the whole pregnancy thing!


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