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Day Thirty-Seven



I spoke too soon. :) There is a teeny bump on my chin that could be a start of a pimple (loading up on bp today!) and I went into one of those super bright grocery store lights and I could clearly see a lot of red marks that I thought in dim light I thought were faded. Plus there is another start of a pimple on my forehead and the other two haven't completely faded. I'm pretty sure they will leave red marks.

On the bright side, I am officially using the full amount of bp every day, twice a day! With no burning, only minimal blotchiness, but a whole bunch of shine. I am scared to reduce the amount of jojoba I'm using in case of burning and flakiness. The areas around my lips are flaking as well as on some parts of my chin and eyebrows. I really need to order the moisturizer today! I want it to come in time for an overnight one week summer camp in the sun that I'm starting on Monday. The camp worries me because we will only be allowed very short showers, not enough bathroom time for the regimen, and I don't think there are any mirrors. I will have to work around this... Maybe I can quickly wash my face in the morning either in the shower or sink, apply bp right after, wait ten minutes while we are doing other stuff, excuse myself to the bathroom, and moisturize. At night we will probably have time to sit around and talk so I will wash my face after we all brush our teeth, then do the regimen right there. It will just look normal, like I am putting two kinds of night lotion on (except the labels might give it away). I have an idea! I could use moisturizing sunscreen instead of my moisturizer in the mornings so I can do it right in front of people. They will probably be using sunscreen too. That's what I'll do! Thank goodness I have this blog to write all my thoughts down in and sort them out.

You know what's weird is I feel comfortable writing embarrassing things about my face and personal life in this blog because I feel like no one reads it. There are always plenty of views but most of them are probably just people glancing at it. And there are never any comments or anything (at least not lately). I doubt anyone is following this blog too, which is actually a bit depressing... ahaha.

I'll update again soon!


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