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Day 13 - nearly 2 weeks



So day 13, and things are going ok! .. probably the best my skin has looked since starting the treatment, which is suprising, i expected to have breakouts everywhere by this time.

I still have red marks from breaking out last week, but they're slowly fading.

I still dont think ive had an IB, which is what worries me, with my skin looking ok at the moment, a few weeks will roll around, my holidays will be over - have to go back to work - and BAM breakouts everywhere. With any luck that wont happen.

Im still breaking out, but it hasnt been anything more or less than my usual breakouts around my mouth. I think my skin is slowly starting to become less oily - this is great! - still havent moisturized, havent needed to.

Side effects: Lips becomming dryer/chapping, nothing unbearable vaseline or lip balm easily handles it, slight lower back pain becomming a tad more noticeable, still nothing bad, probably just need to stay out the gym while on the treatment.

Cant wait to get my treatment upped so i can really put this acne to the knife. Going to be upped to 40mg when i see my derm in just less than 3 weeks. But so far, 20mg has been a breeze, almost like im not taking anything. But as long as it does its job, im happy.

Going away for a few days up the coast, wont be back til the weekend, was planning to go hide up there thinking my skin was going to be bad but im going up with ok skin for now, we'll see what its like when i come back lol

Any questions/comments fire away!


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