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Day 6 of the Regimen... and Recap of Week 1

♥ Summer Girl ♥


Hey everyone!!

I started the regimen almost a week ago, with all of Dan's products from the store. Right now, my skin is almost completely clear!!! :( I can't tell if it's from the regimen or if its just because of the timing of my cycle or a lucky week, but my guess is that the regimen is really working!! The first day, my skin seemed a little less red after using the regimen, but it wasn't really dramatic... it was probably just in my head. The next two days, all of my acne seemed to get worse. Every single pimple I had came to a head, and I had the biggest whiteheads I have ever experienced during my second and third days of the regimen. But my skin didn't form any new pimples, so I assumed that the Benzoyl Peroxide (BP) had brought everything to the surface of my skin. Refusing to go out in public with my pus-filled skin, I read Dan's advice on how to pop whiteheads, and squeezed the six pimples that had come to a head. After these had dried up and the dead skin had fallen off, my skin looked completely clear on day 5 of the regimen. I have a little scarring, and a few small bumps on my forehead that I've seemed to have forever, but there was no redness or any tender spots. There was one small lump on my forehead, but other than that my skin was really soft and smooth. This morning I woke up to find that the lump had come to a tiny head, but small enough that you could barely see it so I left it the way it was and went about my day. After soccer practice tonight I came home and extracted the head right after my shower, and so other than the tiny red mark on my forehead my skin is completely clear.

Although my skin cleared up really quickly, I'm expecting another breakout soon because the small amount of BP that you have to start off with on the regimen probably doesn't prevent future breakouts. :) By the end of this week I've been starting to build up the amount I'm using to about a third of a finger, and so far my skin has reacted well except for a small area around my mouth, which has been a little bit dry. I'm also an extremely competitive soccer player, so I play or work out every day of the week, and the BP does sting a little when mixed with sweat. But overall, everything has been going great and I'm loving my almost clear skin!! I'll keep you posted and add pictured to my album so that everyone can see my progress!! :(


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