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end of week 2/week 3 day 1



so just yesterday morning, after i thought i was truly clearing up i had a huge breakout.. of like 5-6 zits. (ARGHHH) i wish i knew what it was from.. cause i was almost at ZERO active zits. damn..

owell, last night i started using the jojoba oil in a different way that either is gunna help my skin emensly.. or do the opposite. i use it as a mask/scrub before i clense. then after i wash my face.. i do the same thing.. but i just wipe the access off gently with a towel and proceed with my regimen like normal. is conquors so much more flakes and leaves my skin silky smooth. AND NO REDNESS AT ALL. i love that i have no redness to my face with no oily feeling aswell. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.

only problem is it takes longer.. so like an hour to do everything now.. but worth it.

im really hoping that by the end of week 3 my face will really improve. im gunna really get back into exercising and eating right. bring my stress level down. at work i cant really help it but im gunna really put my head into this. try NOT to touch my face at all unless i have a VERY noticable whitehead.. cause i was doing good with it and then i kinda got into the habbit of popping even the smallest whitehead that i could only see if i was right up close to a mirror. AHH i just want these things to heal... but once i pop it another zit comes up right beside it.. so overall - im not doing myself any justice.

i really love how this blog gets all my fustrations out. and helping myself make a plan :)

between the stess and the breakouts.. thats when i go on zit popping frenzies.. and then i regret all the irritation i caused my face. this time i have to change and just STOP. create a thing just for me that will effectively keep my hands away from my face when im not doing the regimen.

maybe just thinking to myself that 5 more will come up when i try to pop one? i think thats about all that will stop me. cause im so tired of this.

but anyways.. new regimen as of last night


jojoba oil scrub/mask

spectrojel cleanser

jojoba oil mask

proactiv 2.5% BP

cetaphil moisterizer


repeat morning steps.

after time im sure the jojoba oil scrub/mask part ill only have to do at night.. but for now since my face still gets very dry from the bp.. im gunna be doing it morning and night. just a reminder to myself aswell - to be as gentle as POSSIBLE on face while doing all of the regimen. if i stop picking, and start being as gentle as i can.. i wont have another one of these nasty breakouts when i feel like im close to being clear!!


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