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fifth day post accutane.



so yesterday august 7 2010. i was playing sports after a while my shin bone started to feel weak. i could barely hold my self up or move fast. Now today after a sleep it felt better but still i feel a pain on my shin. I dont think i hurt my self playing handball. Since its on both of my shin. There is no swelling, But when i push down on my right shin it would hurt. iono i hope this aint related to accutane.

But my still havent gotten any new pimples :). Still got some redness. The couple of pimples i had before turned to scabs and feel off yesterday night when i was washing my face hehe

:(. When i run my hand on my face there a little bit of bumps near the buttom of my cheeks. Its probably some whiteheads =/. I feel like extracting them but eh dont wanna make my face red ill jus leave them for now


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