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You can't beat a mother's advice.



My mom has oily skin, so I blame my shiny nose on her!! Lol, jk.

She's .. nevermind. Not going to reveal her age. But she's older than me. She occasionally gets spots, but never filled with pus, or anything. So, I fear that I'll have adult acne. Ack.

But anyway, she uses carrot juice and yogurt. She peels carrots and uses the juice, she doesn't go to the store and buy carrot juice. She mixes it with plain, normal yogurt. She leaves it on her face, and I guess she looks alright. I don't know, she's been doing it for years, so I don't count.

She has aloe plants, so sometimes she puts it on her face. I did it before when my acne was flaring up. It helps the redness go down, and it's natural. It's sticky, but I guess it helps.

Also, she said that I shouldn't buy cleansers that look like soap. She said that they need to be scrubs, so you can feel it working. Lol, and she's been using Olay spf 15 moisturizer for yeaaaarrs.

My mom said that she never had acne, but she always had boils on her nose. I've had a couple, but they went away.

My mom's phrases, Lol

- What you eat, affects your skin. If your body is hot, your face is going to be hot.

- You have to eat healthy. Mainly lots of dark green vegetables.

- You shouldn't use too many products at once. Use only a few, and stick with it.

- Your body lets out the bad stuff by putting it on your face!

- Use Olay! Use Olay!

No idea, but just felt like typing this up (: My mom is Asian, btw. She can't understand English.. that well.


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