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Holy Glass Face, Batman!!!



I don't know if it was the Jojoba oil, the BP, the moisturizer,... what did it, i'm not sure that matters. I washed my face this morning with DKR products, (minus the Jojoba Oil, that was from GNC) and waited a bit to apply make up. When I looked at my skin, it just looked fantastic! Like, I have never seen it the way it was this morning. I have acne scars on my cheeks from months ago, and still breakouts under my jawline and whatnot but that aside (lol) the appearance just looked radiant. Maybe I was mistaking my fear of BP for fear of success? hm. The thing that really got me was when i went to give my son a bath this afternoon I passed the mirror and was going to apply some moisturizer to my flaky laugh lines, and there were no flakes. NO FLAKES. Is that the Jojoba Oil's doing, or was this just a fluke, or not enough BP? I suppose only time will tell. As for greasy, I have had no issues today as far as greasy goes, and I have gone outside in my hot truck carrying my heavy son and went grocery shopping. After all that, still, my face looks 100% better than it did the day before I used the DKR products. what a rollercoaster of emotions, eh?

Back periodically, or whenever I feel the need to vent, or express joy!


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