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Day 39, Nothing really new



It's only been 4 days since my last post, not a whole lot is different, I just wanted to talk to to someone I guess. I have a little bit of a rash on my chest and right arm, but it doesn't really bother me. Still kinf getting over this summer cold I've had for 7 days now, but it's bearable, just kind of flemmy at this point, gross, I know. I was just feeling kind of down the last couple days, getting overwhelmed with a lot of stuff, and I feel ugly andrealized how much I let that hold me back from things. I dress kind of crappy because I want to disapear, I don't want to stand out. Anytime I try to dress nice, I just feel worse about myself because I feel like an ugly girl trying to dress up. I also feel more self consious when I dress nice, I feel ike it just brings out all the things that make me ugly that much more, like a spot light on all my imperfections. I feel like I don't have a life anymore, I'm just putting everything on hold until after the accutane, or even longer, after I can saftely get chemical peels. That's about it, just feeling kind of yucky and wanted to cry about it. Thanks.


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i felt everything you just said about dressing to blend in and feeling like i didnt deserve to have nice clothes on with a face like mine. im on day 53 i think and things are starting to get better and i vowed to change that attitiude at soon as I am clear. Hold in there, my doctor said by my third month im going to be shocked with how much better things are looking. no worries you are almost there

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