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Soo.. I have a hole in my face.



I didn't pop the pimple, I swear! I was just touching it, and then the layer of skin came off, and so did the yellow-y pus. No bleeding. Anyway, I dabbed it with some witchhazel, and it looks like I have a dent in my face. Great. But, I guess it's better than having a pimple come back.

Not too far away, I see a nodule forming. Ugh. It hurts to touch, so this is just great. Not to mention it's very red. But, it's smaller than the ones I've had.

So far, any activity that's going on, is on the right cheek of my face.

The left side is okay.

Anyway, I'm off to Wal-Mart to go purchase more of Clear & Clear DA Moisturizer. : P


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