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My bad habit.



I have a really bad habit of picking at my pimples and blackheads. Well, my skin in general.

I don't bother with the ones that are on my nose, but the ones on my cheeks..

I pop pimples on my foreheads and my chin, and that's about it. Mainly because I don't care about them as much as my cheeks. My cheeks are like, my face, okay.

I like to squeeze blackheads, but that usually makes my face mad red and irritated.

I don't touch my face; but as soon as I'm in front of a mirror..

it's like something controlling my fingers to pick at my pimples.

I'm trying to stop, and my first step is this blog post.

The first step, admitting you have a problem!

I have one active pimple that's dying down, and I feel like ripping it out, but I know I shouldn't.. so I'm not. I put on the treatment gel already. I see another pimple, close to it, forming.. ack.

Since I only use the treatment at night, I think I'm going to sleep now.


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