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Not my first day, but..



Firstly, I should state that I've had a regimen before I made an account on this site.

Second, if I add anything new to my routine, I'll let you guys know (:

Generally, I'm really lazy. My routine in my signature is the list of the things I've kept up with. Otherwise, I forget every once in a while, or some days I add in a one time thing, kind of thing.

My acne history:

Sixth grade: I had zits back then, but they were in random places. I never took care of my face, besides showering. I was only 11, okay!? It wasn't severe, but rather mild.

Middle school: Again, didn't really take of my face, nor did I really care. I had a lot of fun back then. But, I do remember popping some zits and I didn't care about my blackheads (nor did I know what they were). If I ever got pimples, they were on my cheeks. Never chin or forehead.


Freshmen year; same as middle school. Didn't really care. But, I probably still had a mild case.

Sophomore year; I was very stressed, and kind of depressed. Acne flared up tremendously. Only on cheeks, though. My diet was bad, and I was an emotional wreck. Birth control made me experience nodules for the first time ever. Going off it, was worse. Painful nodules. Largeass pustules. Getting into makeup may have been a regret. Chin acne. I broke out every day with a new zit. The few months before school ended (June), I decided to take a stand and do something about my acne (and not just grab random products off of Wal-Mart's aisle).

Now: It's the summer, and a month before school starts. My skin is looking waaay better than it used to be. Although, I have a lot of red marks (but they are fading!) I currently only have one active zit (compared to my volcanoes couple months ago), two nodules (that are dying down :(), red spots, and my chin is clear. I try to only wear mascara now. I do use tinted moisturizer, but I'm trying to stop.

I plan to update daily! :)

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