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Post 21 days!



Mood: :(

Day: post 21 days

it's hard to believe that I'm free of the drugs. looking back it has not been easy... For me, it was a sudden breakout that came out of nowhere..and it took a toll on my self esteem and how I saw myself. I still feel uneasy and uncomfortable when guys approach me...in the past I luved the attention, this experienced has humbled me down a lot. Sometimes I still forget that I'm 100% clear! No acne, no bumps! I am so excited and so grateful that this medication worked for me. I never had the tiniest doub that this pill wasn't going to work for me...u need a lot of patience and hope. That's really all u have after going thru such a horrible experience w acne. Ppl wonder whether I feel scared that the acne will come back but I just know it won't. So far I didn't have one active~

Right now, post 21 days my lips r back to normal...my job environment made it very hard to keep my lips moisturized. There were some days when my lips were peeling and no matter how much aquaphor or carmex etc I put on, it didn't make a diff. It was quite embarrassing but now it's normal. I don't even put on anything but a plain lipgloss for my lips now. I know! Exciting! Hehe

as for my much complained acts and red marks on my face, well the red marks have faded quite a bit. I don't know whether it will ever fade completely but it is a lot better than before that's for sure. As for the acne scars, they r still there and they r bothering me soo much. I want to get laser treatment now...I mean is it really neccessary to wait 6 month? In sept I'm planning to get stg done. I can't wait till the scars r gone...I hate the reminder of my acne faced times...though it was short it was painful just the same. This whole experience feels like a milestone that I feel like celebrating~

I feel beautiful inside and out which Is the best feeling in the world.

So to all the readers out there, keep believing that this medication will work and keep positive!

Good luck to all ur progress and remember, ur time to shine will come :)



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