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Day 3



I have officially been on the Regimen for 1 and a half days. This morning, I washed my face after my workout. It took me a full 25 minutes to apply the BP, wait for it to dry, then apply the moisturizer! WOW! When school starts, I am going to have to get up very early so that I have enough time to properly treat and moisturize my skin. My skin is not dry and flaky anymore. My jojoba oil moisturizer is really good because I have been putting on a ton of BP, yet my skin is not dry. I had 2 pimples the day before yesterday, and now they are only flat red spots, which is really good. They are fading and will be gone soon. That GIANT zit that I had by my nose popped yesterday! YESSS! A TON of yellow/white stuff came out. Sorry..that sounds so gross. This morning, it had a head again, so I popped it again right before I got in the shower. I think it will start healing now and go away. That will be a huge relief because that is my worst pimple by far. My chin feels better today..yesterday, it felt itchy and weird, but today it feels totally normal. I woke up with a red bloody spot on the middle of my forehead..weird, but I'm not too worried. Some of the pimples by my right eye have gotten smaller. Some of the pimples on the left side of my nose are fading. Oh, I also popped a pimple on my chin this morning. It was really small, but it popped well and easily. I got all of the dirt out, I think. I have some pimples under my chin. They are like on the bottom of my jaw. It is really weird. I am washing them and applying BP to them. My facial moisturizer is kind of thick. Sometimes, it is hard to spread around gently, so it takes my a long time. The BP is much thinner, being a gel, and is easier to apply. Dan said to avoid the eye are when applying the BP and the moisturizer, but what if I have a few pimples near my eye? And I like applying the moisturizer under my eyes because it feels good when that skin is dry. Hmm..I don't know if I should listen to him or not. Overall, I feel okay today. I am praying and hoping that my pimples go away once and for all! When I apply the BP and moisturizer, I hate how I feel all the pimples under my fingers. I can't wait until I can run my fingers over clear, smooth skin!


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