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Day 3 - Not Much Yet



So today is going to be my third day on accutane (Clarus 20mg/day).

It's been good so far. The first day I had a headache after taking my pill, and my eye kind of felt like there was some pressure behind it, but both went away.

My second day (yesterday) my right foot hurt, like the bone sticking out after your pinky toe, and my right lung kind of feels like there's something under it..or maybe I'm just being super picky at every little thing I feel.

Anyways so today my palms were drier than normal, and I think maybe my face is starting to dry a little tiny bit. It's still oily but might be getting a little flakier than normal, I can't really be sure. I'll see what tomorrow brings!

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heyyy good luck with accutane. im on day 6 of accutane - 20mg a day aswell. let me know how it all goes for u =)

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