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3 weeks of accutane



Ok so ive been on accutane for 3 weeks now. 2 weeks at 20mg and 1 week at 60 mg.

My acne got alot worse a few weeks before i got accutane prescribed, i sort of had a massive breakout before accutane which was soul destroying as it had almost cleared up untill one morning i got a few pimples then that next week the number and size of the pimples increased drastically.

I should be happy because my acne is improving but at the same time im quite worried because since i had that soul destroying breakout, i stopped going to the gym just because i couldnt stand the thought of people looking. Also i have avoided any social interactions with people for the last month almost. So skin aside i just havent bothered to take care of myself, so even though my skin is getting better, im losing muscle and my hair is looking increasingly rubbish too.

I need to sort myself out but i want to wait till my skin improves some more before i go back to the gym because staying fit and healthy is something i used to enjoy. I dont want to go into it unless im 100% comfortable/commited to being able to feel confident enough to keep going day after day.

Im sort of overthinking this but when i get back to my former self i want to have learned something from this very hard time in my life. Surely i have to take something away from these horrible last few months. I hope il come out from this experience with more than just my clear skin back.......


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