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Nearing the End of "week one"



so, i have been using clindoxyl gel with 5% benzoyl peroxide instead of the 2.5% BP because thats what i was perscribed by my doctor. and ive had a bit of a break out the last 2 days, not to mention it makes my face DRYER than a freakin desert. but i found some unopened repair lotion from my past proactiv sets that i never used with 2.5% BP :) because i didnt like the way it made my skin so dry.. i became immune to proactiv long ago and thought i might use the left over repair lotion for some strange reason, so im glad i never got rid of them!! so ill be using that instead until my regimen products come in the mail (yay!)

so basically so far my regimen will be as of tomorrow:


Wash with Spectro Gel

Proactiv 2.5% BP

Complex 15 Lotion


Wash with Spectro Gel

Proactiv 2.5% BP

Complex 15 Lotion (Cetaphil if im more on the dry side)

im trying to keep my stress level down, its hard when a love interest i have wants to see me but im not quite ready. wanna get rid of some of these zits first!! he lives outta town and is planning to come here next weekend.. so im corssing my fingers that my face will be semy clear by then.

sheesh, all that butterflies crap really makes the face go haywire! sucks.


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