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So far, no Progress



So, I've been washing for about a week now with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, and my face truly is much softer. This is the only wash that doesn't strip my skin and make my rosacea ten times worse. I don't even use a moisturizer, and definitely avoid sunscreen, because even when I use mineral-based ones, my face flushes horribly and my skin breaks out like a mother. So, it's a Catch 22 in my case with sunscreen, because I need it to prevent wrinkles and more freckles, but I can't use it or my rosacea worsens.

No improvement with the acne. It seemed to lessen on one side, but the other is ripping holy hell. The AVAR gel, the $75 dollar gel mind you, is doing shit. I'm really getting fustrated because it's embarassing to still have this horrible acne at my age. And makeup doesn't cover it completely.


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