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Day 123



You know when you can distinguish when a person has acne or "just pimples." Like a kid with a bumpy complexion in contrast to a kid with a nice complexion but occasional scattered pimples here and there. Well I feel like I'm nearing this stage haha. Like my forehead, tzone, and chin is clear but some scattered pimples on my cheeks. My red marks are going away as well. So I just have a couple more bumps to deal with :).

I think.. I THINK, that some of you are thinking wtf how come she's still not getting clear results at DAY 123! Well my personal HONEST opinion is because I had the moderate acne to begin with. Does this type of acne sound familiar. The small bumps all over your cheeks and forehead with a mix of pimples and rare cysts once in awhile? I'm talking about the small bumps that are not inflamed but just like color of your skin tone but just a little microscopic bump but tens of them scattered over your cheeks and forehead. Yeah well I had the moderate but persistent acne. THE MAIN THING I HATED about my acne was the small bumps everywhere that never went away! It just made my complexion look gross. So in hopes to clear this all up I went on accutane. Sure enough every little bumps inflamed lol. So the moral of the story is that the people who already have the cystic severe inflamed acne will heal faster since they are already broken out! But the people like me we still need to push out we have the stubborn little bumps that are just stuck chillin in our pores so this is why we seem to get "worse." just my theory...Patience is key!

If anyone has questions regarding my course, accutane, me LOL, or anything just comment! I don't mind at all :(


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I have the exact same kind of acne! Except with blackheads added into the mix. Holy moly, I feel your pain. They just sort of sit there and never come to a head so the pores are never cleared. It sounds like you're still in your purging period for your acne. I took Solodyn (minocycline) last and purged for a good 2 weeks - a lot of my acne came to a head and I had a constellation of zits on my face, and then by the 4th week the zits magically disappeared and I had smooth unbumpy skin. (Unfortunately I started breaking out again after taking Solodyn.) Good for you though! It sounds like you're getting there :)

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Yeah thanks ! it took a total of 4 months so far! but im getting there i can see and feel the improvement :) maybe you should try accutane?

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I just started doxy, but I've seriously considered accutane. My last derm told me to really think about accutane but he didn't give me any other options when clearly there where still many others. He was pretty dead set on it - he gave me the accutane booklet with all the government rules and regulations on it. Thing is that I don't do so well on birth control. However, I'd do it in a heartbeat if nothing else works. I'm glad its working for you though!

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