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So I've just finished my PM routine and took some pics of my face. Then I couldn't find the cord to connect my camera to my comp. Giant heap of fail right there.

Current Skin Status

So anyway, my skin really doesn't look that different from when I started. The only remarks I would make is that one of the giant scabs I had on my cheek has now peeled off, leaving a giant shiny pink mark - and adding to the large number of healing red marks I already have on my face. I have so many red marks it looks like my entire face is just red.

In a nutshell, I tend to break out at the perimeter of my face, so my the middle of my face like the t-zone, nose and the area of my cheek right inside and along my cheekbones is pretty clear. However, the upper half of my forehead and along the temples are riddled with scabs, post acne red pigmentation marks, and numerous tiny blackheads and small whiteheads- when I run my hand over it it feels like tiny bumps. The area of my cheeks outside of the cheekbones and jaw are pretty much the same as my forehead.

My Face Routine

I'm gonna move on to commenting on my new products and meds for now.

Cetaphil Cleanser - a clear, gel like substance, and a gentle cleanser, doesn't strip my skin of oils, but it feels like it leaves a layer of residue on my face. However, my next cleanser gets rid of this residue.

Benprox Wash - I can't really describe the texture well, but it looks and feels like a cream cleanser that moisturizes my face as I wash. It has somewhat of a gritty texture to it too because it seems to have micro sized beads in it - but it feels more like a cream cleanser than a scrub. It feels nice, except that I have to wash on and wash off pretty quickly or the benzoyl peroxide will start stinging my skin.

Clindamycin Phosphate lotion - this lotion rocks! I use a pea sized amount for the entire face. It feels like a watery moisturizer that absorbs into my skin instead of sitting on top of it. My past topicals (Differin, Epiduo) left sticky residues that made my skin feel gross when I put it on in the morning, and gave me trouble when I tried to put sunscreen on top of that, so I quit using it in the morning. the CP lotion doesn't leave any sticky residue and actually feels like a lightweight moisturizer, and makes putting on sunscreen a piece of cake instead of a sticky disgusting mess.

Doryx pill - My derm and most people here recommend eating something with this because it tends to upset the stomach. I ate this with two hard boiled eggs this morning, chugged half a liter of water, and felt fine. This is my usual breakfast anyway, so it was nice that I didn't have to change it. (For the record, during the summer I tend to chug up to four liters of water per day.)

Retin-A Micro - Again, I used a pea sized amount for the entire face. This sorta feels like a thick gel that's hard to spread around, and dries with a sticky residue. Some people here have bad reactions to topical retinoids but I've had no side effects in the past. At this time of typing, it's been about an hour since I've used this and my face still feels fine - no redness, no burning. I'll see how it is tomorrow.

CeraVe Cream - not gonna lie, I used this yesterday too. It feels like a sticky lotion at first, but dried with a matte finish so the stickiness from both the Retin-A and this cream was gone after a good 5 minutes. My skin feels moisturized without being oily. The texture of this cream on my face is sorta hard to describe - its sort of the same texture of having a silicone based face primer on my face.


The whole day my face didn't feel dry nor greasy with the CP lotion and my La Roche Posay sunscreen. Given that they're both liquid moisturizers (like literally, they come out watery and drippy) they've hydrated my skin well without leaving a greasy residue or drying out my skin.

So far this regimen's been pretty gentle and hydrating for my skin. I haven't seen much improvement. But it's only DAY 1 after all - and acne takes time to heal. We'll see how it goes later on.

Cheers 'til next time!


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