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Day 122



So my target areas are only my cheeks now which can be viewed as either good or bad news. I'll say good :). This is my outlook.. I've always had like tiny microscopic bumps scattered in this region and didn't have the smooth complexion like that of the complexion on your arm or leg. So after this region surfaces out all the impurities it may even clear up my complexion like my forehead. I am excited and I think my cheeks will be the trouble spot for about 2-3 more weeks.

When I say that you surface out every little bump, I literally mean it. Every little bump, every little clogged pore seriously surfaced out. I am kind of glad it was a "dispersed" breakout. What I mean by this is my face seemed to break out in different periods. Like at first it was my forehead, then a month later the sides of my chin and sides of my cheeks, then my cheeks now. Like I mean if I had this whole break out at once it would have been faster and I would probably be clearer now, but I would have probably sunk into social retardation. Lol no joke I am glad my face surfaced out in different times and different "sections" otherwise it could've been pretty brutal. So I guess accutane is working in it's own organized process.

So for some advice:

Once you're about 4 months into the process, I suggest you become VERY cautious with picking your skin, touching your skin, and popping anything. I didn't believe it would change my skin so much either until I picked or something. My skin just tore and everything looked worse. So make sure you are super gentle with your skin, and start using sunblock when you're doing any outdoor activities.

Stress is a big one. Have fun and don't let anyone bring you down. Try running everyday or every other day, hang out with your friends, and talk to your family a lot. The more support and happiness the better! :(

Water! If I don't drink enough water, I get migraines, headaches, and my chest feels really dehydrated. Make sure you you hydrate yourself.

Don't get obsessed with the mirror. Stop looking at all your flawed marks. Don't stare at each individual pimple all day and all your red marks/scars. It'll go away eventually! You are essentially just wasting your time and frustrating yourself. It is what it is. You might even damage your skin more when your in your bathroom longer... for example, you feel the need to squeeze, pop, and pick irritating your skin into an inflamed, red mess. Try to keep yourself occupied and take your mind off of acne. Remember it will heal eventually.

For the girls. Make up doesn't hurt! Wear your make up when you go out. I know I feel way more confident with it on and better so why not. As long as you wash it off thoroughly and use oil-free foundation, it is totally fine. Some times I even feel like my make up improves my skin tone and complexity.



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