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Day 46



Well its my derm appointment tomorrow and I actually felt quite sad this evening that this may be the last time that I am applying bp in the night. Going to be strange! Gonna make this quick as am going to watch a film with my daughter.

Cluster on left cheek, small but stil annoying. one had scabbed over and when I was taking my makeup off the scab came off and it bled! being puuting sudocrem on it to help it heal quickly but not working! theres about 5 litle bumps there that are all going to purge on the tane!!

GOOD NEWS - one of the bumps that has been on my head for about 6 weeks, came to a kind of head, well i squeezed it anyway and heres hoping that is one down! really hope it will just be a scab tomoz coz its quite small and not that noticable as long as it does not swell up!

I had a blackhead on my chin which i squeezed and oh my god the amount of solid white puss that came out was kind of cool!!!

one of the lumps on my left jaw line has gone - yes gone, I cant find it!! the other one that I thought had filled back up kind of scabbed over and has gone. the one on the other side is stil there.

Lots of cloges pores and stuff but they are only noticable if you look close. If it wasnt for the cluster (which dont look that bad at all really, just in my head they do) my skin would look ok. Guted about that cluster coz they only came after I started BPing. I never had spots on my cheek so I know BP caused them - whatever - they are getting purged very soon hopefully!

I also have these two littl millia (SP) spots under my left eye that have been there ages but are tiny so not that bothered. Need to ask the dermy what to do about them, do I squeeze them or will the tane push em out?

I will update tomorow! FIngers crossed!


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