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Day 45



well it is day 45 and if i am honest it has gone really quickly!

face situation - cluster of little spots still on left cheek, ive attacked 2 of them so about 4 left.

Three bumps still on my head, they are not shifting! spot on the other side of my head has gone down a bit. little bump on either side of jaw line still there and a cyst that i got rid of a week or so back has returned on my jaw line. it is small but very painful. black heads and clogged pores everywhere. only one little bump left above my lip.

Ive been taking 200mg of mino since my derm appt last week and Ive been putting a bit more bp on than usual and still using the AHA. No real dryness, nothing silly anyway. the aha no longer tingles or anything which is good.

hoping to start accutane monday or tuesday. everything crossed!!!



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