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Day 43



i cannot believe it has been 43 days since i started the regimen. thats seems really long!

ok so skin update

Out of nowhere i got a whitehead on my chin the other night so i popped it, iced it, and put some aha and sudocrem on it. Quess what? that sucker has completely dissapeared! no marks left, no bumps, just flat smooth skin. i was so shocked as i expected something bad to happen but i think the aha/sudocrem combo must have killed all thr bacteria or something? My skin is clear except for that one red bump on my chin that is slowly going away (i mentioned it in a previous post). AHA has made my skin a bit dry becasue since i got it i have already used it 3 times...i think i may have overdone it! oops :) but the regimen is amazing. i can eat whatever i want and i dont have to worry about any huge pimples yipee! I might do a jojoba oil massage tomoza to take care of my flakes, they always work really well.

ok thats all im off to bed



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