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Day 30 on Accutane



Today marks my one month on Accutane! Hooray! I can't hide that is has been rough through some spots, I've had a couple break downs where I just cry because I am so sick of this medication. I just keep reminding myself that in the end it will all be worth it to never have to deal with this skin again.

In the bad though there have been glimpses of hope. MY SKIN IS STARTING TO CLEAR UP! I have almost no breakouts on my forehead despite one small blemish, which is almost unheard of with my skin. Also, along my checks and jaw line has been clearing up, though there are still blemishes, most of the red spots and discoloration are scars which I plan on having those taken care of six months after Accutane when my skin has healed. My roommates and family have all noticed and commented on how much my skin is improving. Hearing that makes me so incredibly happy that all the awfull side effects seem to fade away. Yesterday I literally ran up to one of my roommates, no makeup on and said, "Look! Look at my skin!" and he just laughed and replied, "Yeah Renae, it is clearing up fast, I told you this last week and you didn't believe me!" I replied that last week wasn't nearly as good as this one and that for the first time in a long time I am proud of my skin even though it is still not perfect.

My goal: To remember that even the smallest improvement in my skin is an accomplishment and just one more step to the clear skin I haven't seen for over 8 years.


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