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Day 43



ok so over 6 weeks in and skin still looking shit!

1 spot on my head, 4 little bumps under the skin, two of which are getting bigger and have also been there for over 4 weeks.

new lump on either side of jaw line.

One of the spots in a cluster on my left cheek came to head last night, theres about 5 left there. AHA hasnt touched them so I am guessing they will come when they are ready.

About 6 or 7 clogged pore/ blackhead things around my mouth....and the spot above my lip brought two little friends!

going insane now, really hoping my bloods are ok so I can start accutane next week coz I cant take much more of this. If everythin purges at the same time with the stuff I have under the skin right now, my face is going to explode so I hope I can get rid of a few of them before next week.

feeling quite shit today.


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