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Well, I suppose I'll give you the basics: My name is Steph, and I've been suffering from acne for about seven years now. I'm nineteen now, and seemingly the only girl at my college who still suffers from moderate acne. I say moderate because they only become cystic around my period. Before, my acne was simple; typical normal teenage acne with a slightly rosier complexion. However, through the last year and a half my redness has increased signficantly and my acne has moved down to along my jawline, and increased in size and pain.

I've been to a dermatologist, and been diagnosed with acne rosacea. She gave me AHA glycolic acid wash (or something like that) and a prescription for AVAR gel. The wash only pissed off my rudiness more and my acne gave me a big middle finger. So I gave up, partly because of the failed prescriptions and the insanely high appointment costs and searched tirelessly for the solution on the drugstore shelves. A year and a half later, no results and truly horrible skin.

So I decided to give the AVAR gel another chance, and so far no stellar results. I wash with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser twice a day.

I have fair Irish skin that is prone to flushing and freckles galore. I scar extremely easily and flush if I even hint a smile. My face refuses to tan while the rest of my skin browns perfectly (I'm also Italian). My skin has been extremely oily and maintains it still, and the oil constantly irritates my sensitive skin.

In other words, SHOOT ME!


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