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About to go on Accutane



I'm starting accutane tommorow. School starts in about a month and I've heard the initial breakout can last up to 2 months? My acne isn't terrible, just a lot of small ones on my forehead, chin, and mouth area. I don't have any cysts either. I'm also taking minocylin (I think thats spelled wrong) right now and have been for the past month and a half along with differn at night. Will this help me react better to the accutane at first? I'm hoping I wont have a terrible breakout on the first day of school. Could anyone who has been on accutane please help me out and tell me about their experience? Thanks it's greatly appreciated

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Hey, stick with the Accutane, im going to be a Freshman this year and started Accutane on 4-27-2010. My initial breakout only lasted 3 weeks, then mine got better until month 2 started, mine is now worse and im obout to start month 4. Hope this helps and yours reacts better than mine.

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