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Acne Relief

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Finally, relief...



I have been on Differin and Monocyline whatever the oral medication and it worked for a bit but wasnt quite strong enough. so instead of one in the morning and one at night, i changed it to one in the morning and two at night and I cant thank myseld enough. I have now 95% clear skin. Right now i have maybe 3 small pimples that will go away within 2 days. This is my second dose of the medication so its been 100+ days. I no longer wear foundation and all that war makeup. Just concealer under they eyes, spot treatment, translucent powder over the concealed spots, primer side of mascara and I'm set. Extremly natural and I couldnt feel better. I can take pictures and not worry, I can go to a sleep over and wake up amazing (I dont get bed head) and actually i did have a sleepover, not washed my face and didnt break out what so ever. I even went off the oral medication for about 3 days and i was just fine. Of course my period started and got 2 zits but i cant live.

If you are reading this and struggling with hormonal acne and have tried everything like me, take the step, go to your doctor and talk like me. It was extremly embaressing walking through kaiser, everyone seemed to be staring at my face. I felt so ugly and when the doctor asked why I was in, I told her help me, help my acne. She was honest and helped me by starting me on a bacterical infection medication that saved me. Differin help immensly as well. Even when I ran out I neededa little help so i used salisic acid zapzyt and its god in a squeezable tube. Online sold online folks!

I'm going to post a picture soon of what I am now, and how much I can be happy again bevcause the dots of death are vanquished :))

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Mrs. Mackram!


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