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Day 118



I'm about half way into my 4th month as of right now and things are slowly getting better. One thing worth mentioning is the dramatic change your skin takes as in the thinning and healing. Before I would heal from red marks quite quickly, maybe 3 days.. but now it take a little longer and my skin heals differently. My skin all over is generally thinner and more fragile. I used to never get sunburns, but now if I'm not very cautious, I do.

But with the whole acne issue, I no longer get huge cysts FINALLY. My forehead is 100% clear with an amazing complexion. My cheeks are healing, but I have a couple of red marks and small bumps here and there. The horrible breakout scene is clearing up significantly now but it's such a gradual process, I forgot I was improving.

One thing with accutane is that you must me patient. It seems like it's going nowhere half the time, and just making things worse and making you doubt yourself, but with patience and hope it'll work out in the end. Although I'm not all the way clear, I still believe it'll work because I'm slowly but surely improving.

Another thing I've realized is too not stress out about it. Like whatever is happening will happen. There's not really a way for you to prevent the inevitable initial breakouts and the roller-coaster rides. You just have to go along with everything and accept everything without shame or regret. Make the best out of your situation. Beauty is ONLY skin deep. Everything else counts too: your personality, character, charisma, charm, etc. So for the people who want to burrow in their room for 6 months... you will lose yourself and forget the spontaneous, chill person you used to be. I know I did. During month 3, I seriously was depressed and unhappy, and then I made sure I hung out with my friends EVERYDAY or did something EVERYDAY. My stress went away and slowly started to heal again. I call it my "dark days" haha it was pretty bad.

So keep exercising and doing whatever you want. Get your nails done, go swimming, dye your hair, thread your eyebrows, hang out with all your friends, go on dates. Don't let this temporary skin problem control your life. :)

BTW DID ANYONE WATCH INCEPTION? let me know if i should go watch it haha


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Totally go see INception, it's sooooo good! i can't wait for this weekend when I'm gonna see it for the second time. :))

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