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In-Between Post---MAKEUP




Coming from someone with acne, this might sound a little weird.

But I want to be a Cosmetologist.

Seriously. No joke.

I have been wearing makeup for 5 years now (I'm 16) and I also want to write, on the side.

I have a preference when it comes to my foundation, when I try a new brand, I get hesitant & excited. I positively SQUEAL at the sight of deeply pigmented eyeshadows. My fave colour is deep blue, paired with brown eyes = gorgey!

I recently read a book called Pro Makeup: Salon Secrets of the Professionals, by Kit Spencer. It has all sorts of tips on skin care and how to apply things etc. I am hoping to get a job working at a drugstore beauty counter. That would be incredibly fun, and helpful for later on in life.

I could rant like this forever but my time is up, see yah later.


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