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Panama :)



the cyst is gone!!! its been gone for quite a while now. but if i run my fingers over the spot where it was, i feel a little bump there. so it's not 100% gone. and i apply clindamycin eeeeeevery dayyyyy but it hasnt gotten any smaller. you cant see it though....not at all. only feel. so it doesnt bother me that much.

besides that, and a few clogged pores i think, i'm totally clear. the really pesky thing is those red marks left behind. and i'm noticing some scars. the ones that actallu look like little tiny craters. yeah, not cool. those arent noticeable either, and theres not that many, but still. we all want perfect skin.

i need to figure out something to get rid of those red marks though. i read in my seventeen magazine that acne face cleansers with benzoyl peroxide and other harsh chemicals can make rewd marks linger. so maybe i'll try a more gentle face wash.

and i was going to try taking vitamin E, since its good for your skin.

so thats my next mission. i hope it goes well!

anyway, i've been in panama for the last couple weeks. no makeup! only because i sweat so much and i dont want it to clog my pores. but its sooooo hot here. AC is my savior. but on the plus side, i'm getting tan :pray: not as much as i'd like. i'm only a little bit more tan.... its not fair. i have one more week to work on it though!! yaaay!


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