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day 41



so the hype of yesterday has died down a bit now! I am going to keep up with dans regimen log until I start with accutane.

Still taking mino - and have doubled my dosage for the next week am now taking 200mg instead of 100mg per day. I googled it and many people with severe acne take this amount anyway so I am just tring to give myself the best chance of fighting the dreaded IB!

Im not a lucky person...never have been, so I know I will get a nasty IB so I am BPing and minocycling away for the next week!!!

Custer of bumps still on cheek, one of them is now raised, scabs on jaw line from where i popped things but they are small, red mark on hair line, 3 bumps on head, few new little bumps around my mouth and new spot above my lip! This is nearly 6 weeks into the regimen!! This is after 2 months of mino!!

My acne is not severe, but it is god damn persistant!!

Post tomorrow guys



So the spot above my lip came up this morning, a few hours ago it was a lump under the skin so I bp'd it, then put loads of aha on, then and hour later bp''d it again and I just checked it and it had a head not like a gunky yellow one but a solid white one! Madness! So I squeezed it and omg how much puss came out of it! Why is it always the ones by the lip that are filled with endless gunk!?

So then I put a bit of emu oil on a tissue then dabbed it on, I've read good things about it so thought I would try it! Some savlon on before bed and hope for the best! May buy some neosporin off ebay tomoz coz that's meant to be good!


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