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Day 21, IB :-(



So I'm on day 21 and I think I'm getting the dreaded IB. Bumps all over my face, especially on my cheeks, big cysts that hurt and scab. Trying not to mess with them but it's so hard. They crust over and I can't help but peel that top layer off. They don't bleed, just peel off to reveal a pink bump underneath. I feel soooo ugly and I don't want to be in public, I feel like people stare at me. My friend told me last night via online (haven't seen each other in over a year) that she thinks I should be a plus size model. (I'm a size 12, I don't think that's plus size, I think that's normal.) It kind of flattered me to know that she thought I was pretty enough to be any kind of model, but also kind of hurt because I don't look the way she rememebrs me anymore, and I'm scared I never will again. This skin issue has really messed up my self esteem. Hope this turns around soon and I hope I don't have any or very little scarring.

Wish me luck that this nightmare will be over soon, have my 1 month check up and blood test next week, hopefully will be bumped up to 80 ml.


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