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week 8



Hiya everyone!

I have a couple of posts going about my lumie trial, and some of you have replied/ commented - its really good to hear what others are thinking of Lumie too. One other blogger made really good point that the Lumie would be amazing if you could charge it up and use it not plugged in to the wall, so you can move around/ take it away without the leads. I also, as you already know, really think the lamp could be bigger so that you could treat a bigger area- although that said it cant be too big or it wouldnt be very portable. Really impressed by other bloggers reports that they dont really get any new spots after using the Lumie for a while- I am still getting the odd one, small though- but I am wondering if thats down to the fact ive started a new contraceptive pill and my body is just re-adjusting. Regardless of getting the odd spot, Lumie really has made a difference to my skin.

Going on holiday next week, so really happy my skin wont look so gross when I hit the beach!

Any other comments any one has would be really interesting to hear!!

Take care



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